IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)
Technology for the Benefit of Humanity // Villanova University, USA / October 23-26, 2024

GHTC 2012 Photos


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Dr. Gordon Day, 2012 IEEE President, is speaking at GHTC 2012. He noted that  ”besides using our head and hands, this is an opportunity to use our voices.”  




  GHTC 2012 keynote speaker Dr. Gretchen Kalonji, Assistant Director General for Natural Sciences, UNESCO is delivering her speech “Science and Technology in Service to Society: A UNESCO Perspective”.  In her opinion, “opportunities for collaboration with the engineering community are huge, not only in the new UNESCO Engineering Initiative, but throughout our efforts in disasters, water, environmental sciences and in education… One of our meta-goals is to mobilize collaboration on scientific topics that require large-scale multinational cooperation.” 



Krista Bauer, Director of Global Programs, GE Foundation and the panel “Improving Access to Quality Care: Rising to the Challenge in Resource-Poor Settings”.



GHTC 2012 keynote speaker Knut Aanstad, UN Advisor,  giving his remarks about “Sustainable Energy for All” initiative.



Gertjan van Stam (LinkNet Zambia)- left – and his panel “Is Technology the Solution to the World’s Major Social Challenges?”.



The winner of  Student Poster Contest Danielle Zurovcik ( MIT, USA) is discussing her poster ”Wound Pump” with one of the attendees at GHTC 2012. View all 2012 Student Paper Contest winners and 2012 Student Poster Contest winners.



Leah Jamieson (President of the IEEE Foundation Board of Directors) presents a trophy to Caroline Halter (Lumana, USA), 1st place winner of 2012 Photo Contest. View all winners  of GHTC 2012 International Humanitarian Photo/Short-Video Contests.










GHTC 2012 Committee was working hard to make the Conference a success.

Sitting (left to right): Soon Wan (Publicity Chair), Francois Pearlman, Bobbie Terman, Dr.  Lewis Terman (Advisory), Paul Kostek (Conference Chair), Keith Moore (Conference Vice-chair), Inessa Pearce (PR, Photo/Video Contest Chair and Webmaster), Dr. Henry Louie  (Technical Program Co-chair).

Standing: Dr. Jay Pearlman (Advisory), Jim Miller (Tutorials Co-chair), Rob Vice (Publicity Committee), Joe Decuir (Publications Chair), Richard Wilkins (Registrations Chair), Ramesh Nair (Chair Student Poster Contest), Ed Perkins (Advisory).

Absent: Dr. Ted Weiler and Dr. Mark Henderson (Technical Program Co-chairs), Shrikant Palkar (Tutorials Co-chair), Dave Butcher (Local Arrangements Chair), Lise Johnston (Chair Student Paper Contest), Michael Andrews, Rich Baseil and Dr. Tony Marjoram (Advisory), Verona Wong, Uri Moszkowicz and Nicole Skarke (Publicity Team), Satish Babu and Wah Garris (Coordinators for GHTC-SAS).