IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)
Technology for the Benefit of Humanity // Villanova University, USA / October 23-26, 2024

FAQs from Authors

What if I want to submit a poster or a case study, workshop etc instead of a paper?

In the abstract, indicate that you are not submitting a paper but are proposing to do a poster or other type of presentation.


Is the GHTC Review Process CONFIDENTIAL?

Yes, GHTC Reviewing is considered confidential. All reviewers are required to keep every manuscript they review as confidential documents and not to share or distribute materials for any reason except to facilitate the reviewing of the submitted work.


In preparing the camera-ready copy, I submitted my paper to the IEEE PDF eXpress check, which it failed. This is cited as: Error “Document contains Link annotations”. Should I ignore this error?

No. If it fails in any way, IEEE will reject it, so this error should not be ignored. There are two primary sources of failure in validating a PDF file. The first is the use of non-embeddable fonts in figures. Make sure that your paper uses embeddable fonts for the main text of the paper as well as the figures, figure captions, references, footnotes, etc. A second source of failure is the line in the Latex source file that includes the hyperref package. If you are having difficulty, we suggest that you comment out this line. If you still have problems with PDF verification, you can request a manual conversion through the IEEE PDF eXpress web site. This process usually requires 1-2 days.


Does the paper need a copyright footer or page numbers?

No. The current IEEE Conference Template comes with a copyright footer on page 1. This must be deleted as it conflicts with the footer that will be added by EDAS. Some templates also have page numbers. Again these must be deleted as they will be added by EDAS.


What are the correct margin settings for IEEE manuscripts?

Here are the Page Layout  – Margins settings for letter-size (top 0.75″, bottom 1.0″, left & right 0.65″):

1 Word Page Setup


How do I save my PDF so it is compatible with IEEE specifications?”

All fonts must be embedded in the PDF file (in Word, create the PDF with “ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)” option). No Bookmarks. No hyperlinks. [In Word to remove all hyperlinks in a document, press CTRL+A to select the entire document and then press CTRL+SHIFT+F9.]

2 Final paper Save as PDF and Options setup


If you are using a MAC Word does NOT have this feature. Instead you will need to Print to PDF.