IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)
Technology for the Benefit of Humanity // Villanova University, USA / October 23-26, 2024



Further information can be found in the Project Overview.

Team Working Arrangements:

So as to ensure a fair competition and that no team is disadvantaged, teams will be made up of participants from a mixture of backgrounds from around the world. Teams will work electronically with one another, therefore in order for them to be effective, participants will have to ensure they are capable of meeting these working arrangements:

  • Have reasonable internet access
  • Have access to teleconference facilities (can be a conventional phone service or online service such as Skype or  Google+ Hangouts)
  • Ability to dedicate sufficient time each week to work on the project and take part in regular communications with team members

Upon commencement of the competition, all successful applicants will receive a Competition Participant Guidebook which will provide greater details on the project problem they are to solve as well information on useful solution design sources and ways to work effectively in a geographically dispersed team. A competition point of contact will also be provided for teams to ask questions relating to the problem posed, the competition guidelines and goals, and the deliverable requirements.


At GHTC2013, teams will be required to present their proposed solution to the problem with the following deliverables:

  • A 6 page detailed engineering design report outlining the solution method, application and value, projected costs, implementation plan, and impact on the environment. This report is required to be submitted 2 weeks prior to GHTC2013.
  • A 15 minute detailed presentation on the team’s proposed solution design and the process undertaken in addressing the problem considerations
  • A project solution summary poster to be placed on display at GHTC2013

While teams will be encouraged to send at least one member to present at GHTC2013, if no member from a team is able to attend, the team is able to elect to present their submission live via video conference to the judges and audience at GHTC2013 during the Young Professional Project Competition timeslot at the conference. Further details regarding this option will be provided to all teams as the start of the competition.

Judging Process:

A suitable panel of industry professionals will be selected to judge the team presentations at GHTC2013, and present the winning team at the conference, with the judges’ decision being final. Judges will have read the teams’ detailed engineering reports prior to the presentation session, and will have team specific questions ready to ask. A detailed judging criteria will be provided to all teams at the start of the competition, however teams can expect to be evaluated on:

  • Thoroughness of the solutions technical description
  • Reference to relevant standards and interfaces
  • Proposed operations, administration and maintenance plans
  • Proposed economic implementation plan
  • Identification of potential stakeholders

Reference to related works, prototypes or field trials that are already underway that provide some validation of the proposed solution.