GHTC 2015 Videos

Process of Designing a Hydraulics Laboratory in Rural Kenya
Presented by: Hassaan Idress (Arizona State University)
Time: 12:52


Intro to Internet of Things (IoT) Panel
IoT Panel Introductions
Joe Decuir
Time: 14:16


Internet of Things (IoT) Application for Humanitarian Applications
Time: 12:29


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Time: 7:02


Humanitarian Aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Time: 37:04


Earth Observations from the International Space Station
Time: 57:26


Creating a Global Network to Impact Global Health

Time: 30:02


UNICEF Kid Power – Introducing the First Wearable-For-Good
Time: 35:18


The Future of Humanitarian Technology: Practitioners’ Perspectives
Time: 1:13:39


Strengthening Human Milk Banking Through Stategic Partnerships
Time: 17:38


Google Earth Outreach: Helping Others Help the World
Time: 20:52


From MultiLearn to PartoPen
Time: 18:04


Improving the Dignity of Affected Communities Receiving Humanitarian Assistance
Time: 19:18


The Physical Web
Time: 21:00


IEEE Smart Village – Energy, Education, and Empowerment
Time: 31:58


The Global Innovation Exchange: By You, For You
Time: 46:47


IEEE GHTC 2015 Closing Keynote
Shukla Bose, Founder and CEO, Parikrma Humanity Foundation
Time: 40:56


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