IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)
Technology for the Benefit of Humanity // Villanova University, USA / October 23-26, 2024

GHTC 2012 Papers

GHTC2012 papers will be available soon in IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

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Papers By Session

Energy Paper Session A
  • Aluminum Foil Coils for Human Scale Wind Turbines
by Pedro Melendez-Vega, Giri Venkataramanan
  • A Hot Plate Solar Cooker with Electricity Generation – Combining a Parabolic Trough Mirror with a Sidney Tube and Heat Pipe
by A.D.J. Kaasjager, G.P.G. Moeys
Disaster Paper Session
  • An Incident Management Preparedness and Coordination Toolkit
by Daniel B. Koch, Patricia W. Payne
  • Road Traffic Forecasting through Simulation and Live GPS-Feed from Intervehicle Networks
by Hafiz Abdur Rahman, José R. Martí, K. D. Srivastava
  • Inter-System Software Adapter for Decision Support by Interfacing Disaster Response Platforms & Simulation Platforms
by Jose Marti, Pranab Kini, Paul Lusina, Antonio Di Pietro, Vittorio Rosato, Baptiste Charnier, Wang Kui
  • Human Detection Based on Active Infrared Illumination
by Kuniaki Uto, Haruyuki Seki, Yukio Kosugi, Toru Murase, Sigenori Takagishi
  • A Map for the Future: Measuring Radiation Levels in Fukushima, Japan
by Yoh Kawano, David Shepard, Yugo Shobugawa, Jun Goto, Tsubasa Suzuki, Yoshihiro Amaya, Masayasu Oie, Takuji Izumikawa, Hidenori Yoshida, Yoshinori Katsuragi, Toshihiro Takahashi, Shigeru Hirayama, Reiko Saito, Makoto Naito
Humanitarian Challenges and Opportunities Paper Session
  • Socio-economic Development of Extremely Poor Communities in Kapgari Area – Some Experiments and Field Results
by Bulbul Sen, Ranjan K. Sen
  • Exploring Employment Opportunities through Microtasks via Cybercafes
by Mrunal Gawade, Rajan Vaish, Mercy Nduta Waihumbu, James Davis
  • Human Factors in Safe Driving – A Review of Literature on Systems Perspective, Distractions and Errors
by Sajan S, G. G. Ray
  • Software for Tracking Vulnerable Children
by Keyur Dhaky, Mehernosh Bulsara
Water & Agriculture Paper Session
  • Sustainable On-site Bleach Generation Utilizing Salt and Sunlight
by Thomas Baginski, Emile Ewing, Thaddeus Roppel, Robert Dean
  • Healthy Forest, Healthy People: Remote Sensing and Monitoring Support Implementation of Community Forestry in Thailand
by Eric T. Kaiser, Kimberly Roberts, Jamlong Pawkham, Bunsak Thongdi, Robert Morikawa, Doug Satre
  • Innovative Synthetic Aperture Radar Products for the Management of Land and Water
by Gerardo Di Martino, Antonio Iodice, Daniele Riccio, Giuseppe Ruello, Maria Nicolina Papa, Youssouf Koussoube
  • Leveraging Technological Advances in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A Systems Thinking Approach
by Suyash Kumar Chopra
  • Implementation of a Mobile Vaccine Refrigerator with Parallel Photovoltaic Power Systems
by Justin J. Henriques, Benjamin T. Foster, William G. Schnorr, Reed Barton
ISCRAM Special Paper Session
  • Competing Constraints: The Operational Mismatch between Business Logistics and Humanitarian Effectiveness
by Robin E. Mays, Robert Racadio, Mary Kay Gugerty
  • Use of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images for Crisis Response and Management
by Gerardo Di Martino, Antonio Iodice, Daniele Riccio, Giuseppe Ruello
  • Getting User-Generated Content Structured: Overcoming Information Overload in Emergency Management
by Axel Schulz, Jens Ortmann, Florian Probst
Energy Paper Session B
  • Flexicurity for Investment Reimbursement of Micro Renewable Electric Energy Systems
by Bernard Van_Acker, Cédric Van_Acker, Vincent Van_Acker
  • A Review on Energy Scenario and Sustainable Energy Sources in Bangladesh
by Md. Rashidul Islam, Md. Masud Kaisar Khan
Connectivity & Communications Paper Session
  • Empowering Smallholders and Local Food Markets with Smartphones and Social Networks
by Justin J. Henriques, Beaudry E. Kock
Energy Paper Session C
  • Simulation Study of Load Frequency Control of Single and Two Area Systems
by Adil Usman, BP Divakar
Humanitarian Applications
  • The Case for More Water Quality Data: Improving Decision Making in Malawi
by Rochelle Holm, Elijah Wanda
  • An Interactive Sustainable Infrastructure Design Model for Health Clinics in Sub-Saharan Africa
by Bradley Striebig, Adebayo Ogundipe, Adib Amini, Dana Anderson, Leah Haling, Bryan Morrison, Valentina
Sanmiguel, Ericka Smith, Daniel Wolfe
  • Humanitarian Engineering – Emerging Technologies and Humanitarian Efforts
by Gary K. Conkol
  • Discovering Topic Transition about the East Japan Great Earthquake in Dynamic Social Media
by Takako Hashimoto, Tesuji Kuboyama, Basabi Chakraborty, Yukari Shirota
Health Paper Session A
  • Design of a Telemedicine-based system for Clinic-In-A-Can
by George D. Sworo, Moshe Kam, Estella J. Juan
  • Organizational Implementation of Telemedicine Technology: Methodology and Field Experience
by Linda Branagan, Lin L. Chase
Energy Paper Session D
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Micro Wind Turbines in Developing Communities
by Henry Louie, Vincent Van_Acker, Steve Szablya, Peter Dauenhauer
  • Powering the Common Service Centers to Empower Rural Communities
by Vijayalakshmi B, Dhairya Dholakia, Jagadish Babu M
  • Grameen Shakti: A Renewable Energy Social Business Model for Global Replication
by Narima Amin, Richard Langendoen
Education Paper Session A
Health Paper Session B
  • Low Cost, Low Power 12VDC Surgical Suction Device for Use in Developing Countries
by Emily Battinelli, Kyra Holmquest, Julia Musso, Pritpal Singh, Edmond Dougherty
  • Optical Measure of Enamel Health: Ability to Triage High Risk Children in Communities without Dental Practitioners
by Liang Zhang, Leonard Y. Nelson, Joel H. Berg, Jason M. Eichenholz, Eric J. Seibel
  • Options for Medical Oxygen Technology Systems in Low-Resource Settings: A Framework for Comparison
by B.D. Bradley, S. Qu, Y.-L. Cheng, D. Peel, S.R.C. Howie

Energy Paper Session E

  • Comparing Power System Architectures for Domestic Lighting in Isolated Rural Villages with HOMER
by Nathan G. Johnson, John W. Glassmire, Peter D. Lilienthal
  • The Impact of Cookstove Adoption and Replacement on Fuelwood Savings
by Nathan G. Johnson, Kenneth M. Bryden
  • Anti-Conflict Energy Sources for a Sustainable Energy Future
by Yaser Soliman Qudaih, Q. Yamada, Yasunori Mitani, Zia Fawzi, Issam Alqadoumi, Yasser El-farisi
Education Paper Session B
  • The Emergence of Free and Open-Source Software on Campuses in Taiwan
by Hui-mei Justina Hsu
  • Technology Transfer to Rural Population through Secondary Schools: The Vigyan Ashram Experience
by Yogesh Kulkarni, Shilpa Ballal, Jyoti Gawade
  • Pedalite: Lighting up Lives in Un-electrified Villages
by Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Lekshmi M. Nair, Meera Viswanath, Shreeja Sugathan
  • Solar Battery Charging Station and Torque Sensor Based Electrically Assisted Tricycle
by T. Faraz, A. Azad
  • Efficient Microgrid Management System for Electricity Distribution in Emerging Regions
by Javier Rosa, P. Achintya Madduri, Daniel Soto
  • Sahaaya: Gesture Recognising System to Provide Effective Communication for Specially-Abled People
by Arvinder Kaur, Piyush Madan
  • Design of Affordable Greenhouses for East Africa
by Min Pack, Khanjan Mehta
  • Stand-Alone Renewable Hybrid Power Generation System
by P. Freddy Simon, B. Anand, A. J. Antony Venus
  • Satellite Technology to Reach the Unreached (India – A Case Study)
by S L Rajashekhar, Gayatri Ayyangar
  • Position Based Directional Ad-Hoc Routing with Space Time Diversity
by Caryn Chan, Chirag Warty, Richard Wai Yu
  • Managing IPv4 / IPv6 VOIP Interoperability Using Server-to-Server Approach
by Olga S. Mill
  • Computing Technology in Global Humanitarian Research
by Karen M. Davis, M. Rita Thissen
  • Online Monitoring System(OMS) – An Online Tool for Centralized Monitoring of NGOs
by Ravi Shankar, Narita
  • Kalman-Particle Filter Used for Particle Swarm Optimization of Economic Dispatch Problem
by R. Khorshidi, F. Shabaninia, M. Vaziri, S. Vadhva
  • Designing a Spatially Intelligent Framework to Improve Public Participation in the EIA Process for Renewable Energy and Power Transmission Projects
by Lei Lei, Brian Hilton
  • Development of a Sustainable Food Supply Chain by Post Harvest Program – An Approach to a Sustainable Solution to Food Delivery and Waste Problems
by Craig Rominger, Stan Emert, Kenji Ushimaru
  • Robust Transmission of Watermarked Medical Images over Wireless Channels
by P.K. Korrai, Swamy M.N.S., K. Deergha Rao
  • Improving Maternal Labor Monitoring in Kenya Using Digital Pen Technology: A User Evaluation
by Heather Underwood, S. Revi Sterling, John K. Bennett
  • A Standards-Based Open Source Application to Gather Health Assessment Data in Developing Countries
by Alex Gainer, Mary Roth, Phil Strong, James Davis
  • Low Cost Electrification Using Solar Energy – A Field Work
by Sankar R, Jery Althaf P K, Sreevas S
  • Sustainable Green Energy Production from Agricultural and Poultry Operations – A Renewable Energy Project for Community Empowerment and Vocational Training in Remote Villages in South Africa
by Kenji Ushimaru
  • Opportunities for Social Innovation at the Intersection of ICT Education and Rural Supply Chains
by Alice Cheng, Anjana Sinha, Jia Shen, Sally Mouakkad, Lance Joseph, Khanjan Mehta
  • Democratizing Design through the Use of Lego-Inspired Universal Connectors
by Min Pack, Khanjan Mehta
  • ‘Gest-BOT’ – A Highly Convenient Locomotive Solution for the Elderly and Physically Challenged
by Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Ramesh Nammily Nair, Sai Manoj Prakhya, Mithun Mohan
  • Simulations of Efficiency Improvements Using Measured Microgrid Data
by Daniel Soto, Vijay Modi
  • Solar Home System Components Qualification Testing Procedure and Its Effect in Bangladesh Perspective
by S.A. Khan, R. Rahman, A. Azad
  • Productivity Measurement Issues in Education Sector of Pakistan
by Assad Iqbal, Qaim Ali, Daniel Saeed Pirzada
  • Incorporating Service-Learning Projects into a Mobile Programming Course
by Donald U. Ekong
  • From Training to Projects: Wireless Sensor Networks in Africa
by Marco Zennaro, Antoine Bagula, Mayamiko Nkoloma