Sustainable Project Design

Interactive HAC Workshop at IEEE GHTC 2020

29th October Thursday 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

Sustainable Project Design Considering COVID-19 Pandemic

IEEE Humanitarian Activity Committee (HAC)

Trainer: Prof. Dr. Shaikh Fattah, Education Chair, IEEE HAC



The whole world is now passing through a very critical time. Each and every day many people are dying and we are losing our friends and relatives. Every sector in our society is facing severe challenges, such as health, education, business, trades, marketing, and establishment. Many volunteers have involved themselves to serve the community and many others humanitarian technology (HT) are eager to do so. However, because of its multifarious adverse effects on a majority population of the local community, it is not very easy to design an effective humanitarian technology (HT) project which can offer sustainable impact. The conventional project design and implementation approaches may need to be modified in an adaptive manner depending on various inter-link circumstances. The objective of this workshop is to offer a training on HT project design and implementation, especially considering the during and after COVID-19 pandemic situations from local and global perspectives.


By successfully participating the workshop a participant will be able to

  • Understand sustainable development, humanitarian technology, choice of UN SDGs for a particular project
  • Understand the role of community need assessment and stakeholder mapping in identifying suitable input, output, outcome for an effective HT project design in pandemic
  • Understand the critical steps in HT project design and social impacts


The workshop consists of three interactive training sessions.

In each training session, after the formal lecture offered by the workshop trainer, interactive group activities will be conducted and participants are expected to discuss with other members in the group to come up with appropriate decisions. There will be options for question-answer and brief group presentation.

Another advantage of joining this HAC Workshop is that the participants will be getting motivation to carryout HAC Education online modules. After attending this workshop the participants will find HAC Education Online Modules very interesting. These modules are available in the IEEE Learning Network (ILN). In these modules, they will find further details with some reference materials on the workshop topics along with several practice exercises. Moreover, for interaction with many enthusiastic volunteers attending IEEE HAC Education initiatives, participants can join the IEEE HAC Education Forum (online facebook group).

Program Schedule:

Interactive HAC Workshop

29 October Thursday 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

Trainer: Dr. Shaikh Fattah, IEEE HAC Education Chair

                                                Session-01 (45 min)
Lecture-01: Sustainable development, UN SDGs, humanitarian technology projects, sectors affected by COVID-19 pandemic
Interactive Session-01: Ignite session to think about a potential HT project suitable for fighting against during/after COVID19 pandemic
Learning Outcome-01: Understand sustainable development, humanitarian technology, choice of UN SDGs for a particular project

Session-02 (60 min)

Lecture-02: Community engagement, systems thinking approach in sustainable HT project design and theory of change
Interactive Session-02: Identifying community needs, stakeholders, and possible input, output and outcome of a chosen HT project
Learning Outcome-02: Understand the role of community need assessment and stakeholder mapping in identifying suitable input, output, outcome for an effective HT project design in pandemic

Session-03 (75 min)

Lecture-03: Major steps and challenges in HT project design, participatory design, assessment techniques, evaluating social return on investment
Interactive Session-03: Design and present an effective HT project and make active participation in discussing projects from other participants
Learning Outcome-03: Understand the critical steps in HT project design and social impacts

Trainer’s Brief Biography

Dr. Shaikh Fattah
Professor, BUET and Education Chair, IEEE HAC

Dr. Shaikh Fattah received a Ph.D. degree in ECE from Concordia University, Canada and later he was a visiting Postdoc at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA. He received B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from BUET, Bangladesh, where he is currently serving as Professor, Department of EEE and Director, INPE. His research interests include biomedical engineering, signal processing, machine learning, humanitarian technology and deep learning. He published more than 200 international journal/conference papers and delivered more than 60 Keynote/invited talks in many countries. In his more than 20 years of professional career, he has been extensively involved in several humanitarian technology projects/research. He is the Education Chair of IEEE Humanitarian Activity Committee (HAC) (2018-2020), Chair of IEEE PES-HAC, and committee member of IEEE Smart Village Education. Under his leadership five online modules were created and placed in IEEE learning network and he himself conducted many training/workshops on these topics in nine different countries, which impacted more than 3000 volunteers.

Dr. Fattah served as the Chair of IEEE EMBS Bangladesh Chapter during 2017-2019 and the chapter received 2020 EMBS Outstanding Regional Chapter Award. He is the Founding Chair of IEEE RAS and SSIT Bangladesh Chapters. He is the founding Vice-Chair of IEEE SPS and IAS Bangladesh Chapters. He was the IEEE Bangladesh Section Chair during 2015-2016. He served key positions in many international conferences, such as the General Chair of 5th IEEE R10 Humanitarian Technology Conference, ICAICT 2020, IEEE BECITHCON 2019, IEEE RAAICON 2019, Technical Program Chair of IEEE TENSYMP 2020, ICREST 2019, ICAEE 2019, 2017, IEEE WIECON-ECE 2016 and 2017, and MediTec 2016. He is serving various positions in global IEEE, such as committee member of: IEEE PES LRP, IEEE SSIT SDHT, and various committees of IEEE R10. He served IEEE EAB and IEEE SIGHT.

Dr. Fattah received several awards, e.g. Concordia University’s Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Prize (ENS, 2009),  Dr. Rashid Gold Medal (in MSc), 2007 URSI Canadian Young Scientist Award, and BAS-TWAS Young Scientists Prize (2014), 2016 IEEE MGA Achievement Award, 2017 IEEE R10 HTA Outstanding Volunteer Award and 2018 IEEE R10 Outstanding Volunteer Award. He is the Editor of IEEE PES Enews, Lead Editor of R10 Newsletter and Editorial Board Member of IEEE Access. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and Fellow of IEB.




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