IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)
Technology for the Benefit of Humanity // Santa Clara University, USA / September 8-11, 2022

GHTC 2013 Papers Available on IEEE Xplore®

Thank you for your continuing  interest in the application of technology for the good of humanity.  We are pleased to report that the papers from the 2013 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, held in Silicon Valley last October, are now mounted in the IEEE Xplore® online database for you to access.  Here is the direct link:

GHTC 2013:

You can use this listing to locate all of the published papers from the conference, and to access their abstracts.  Those whose universities/companies are Xplore subscribers can download any of them at no cost; others may need to pay a small fee.  Please alert technologists who may be interested.

The GHTC papers from previous years are also available:

GHTC 2012:

GHTC 2011: servlet/opac?punumber=6100959

Finally, the next GHTC will again be in San Jose/Silicon Valley, October 10-13, 2014; save the dates.  The Call for Papers can be accessed here:

Please begin developing an abstract for submission.  The abstract is due by March 31st, and can be for a technical presentation (with your draft paper uploaded by May 27), a Lightning Talk (presentation-only), or a coordinated session or panel.  The abstract-submission system should be operational by January 31st.

The themes are:

—  Energy—infrastructure and off-grid power, renewable, transportation, lighting, cooking & heating

Health—medical technology, telemedicine, mobile care, primary care

Disaster, connectivity, and communication—disaster warning & avoidance, disaster response, disaster management, networks, remote communication, communication technologies

Water and agriculture—clean water, sanitation, irrigation, farming practices & agricultural technologies

Humanitarian challenges and opportunities—education, housing, supply chain & distribution, business development


We hope to see you at GHTC 2014!

Best regards,

Paul Wesling, Publications Chair

IEEE: Advancing Technology for Humanity