IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)
Technology for the Benefit of Humanity | Virtual – October 19-23, 2021

Student Paper Contest Rules





  • At least one author per paper must be an IEEE Student Member at the time of the submission of the paper to the Contest, and a member (student or not) of IEEE at the time of the conference.
  • The paper should be fully the work of the student or students and completed before they have received their degree.
  • All papers submitted to the contest must be in English.
  • An international and elite jury will review the written papers without knowledge of the identity of the authors or their school, and will decide which papers will make to the top 5.
  • If chosen for the top 5, only one student member will have their registration to the GHTC Conference waived.
  • Travel, lodging or expenses will not be provided.
  • An electronic version of the finalist papers will be published on the GHTC web page and not in the conference proceedings or IEEE Xplore.
  • Previously published work is excluded from the contest.
  • Any paper subsequently published should mention an acknowledgement of the received award.


Papers submitted in IEEE GHTC Review Room will be subject to a blind review and will be judged by three international jurors appointed by the GHTC Paper Contest Chair. The final 5 papers selected for presentation at the conference will be judged by a different international committee appointed by GHTC 2015 conference chair, to select the final 3 winners.


  • Papers should cover technical and engineering aspects of a subject aligned with the IEEE GHTC conference tracks.
  • The work need not be original in content, but should be original in treatment and concise in coverage of the author’s contribution to the subject.


  1. The paper must not exceed five (5) pages. Over-length papers will not be considered for the contest!
  2. The paper template can be found at:


Please email Ramesh Nair ( for any questions on the process.

  • Fill in all of the Registration Information including the authors IEEE Student Member Number, school and follow the instructions given through the IEEE GHTC Review Room online portal.
  • The actual paper must not have any personally identifiable information in it. Remove all Author Names and associated University/College. This is only provided with the registration information.
  • The submission deadline is May 15, 2015 June 3, 2015.


The following criteria will be used to provide a uniform grading standard:

  • Do the authors present their independent work?
  • Is a significant amount of presented work new? Do the authors present a novel interpretation of some existing work?
  • Is the subject matter of substantial technical content and is it presented at an acceptably advanced level?
  • Is the 100-word abstract concise, informative and accurate?
  • Does the written presentation include a satisfactory introduction, which properly orients the reader with respect to the general area in which the paper deals? Does the concluding portion of the paper summarize the reader’s impression of what the work has accomplished? Are the conclusions supported by evidence?
  • Does the exposition (and analysis which may be involved) proceed in an orderly and logical manner? Is the paper self-contained?
  • Does the author exhibit ingenuity and resourcefulness in methods of presentation, choice of illustrations, use of analogies etc.?
  • Is the paper technically accurate?
  • Is an unmistakable meaning conveyed with acceptable brevity?
  • Is the format and typesetting quality of the paper appropriate?