Final Five Papers 2012


  • Aerial surveillance for damage assessment – Eobin Alex George, India Institute of Technology, India
  • Automated online blood bank database – Sreevas Sahasranamam, College of Engineering Trivandrum, India
  • Evaluation on the performance of building integrated Photovoltaic and it’s enhancement – Shraddha Salvi, University of California Long Beach, USA
  • Smart dust with RFID sensor networks – Parimal Autade, Pune University, India
  • Utilize radio broadcast as educational technology – Restu Arif Priyono, Bandung Institute of Technology




  • Analysis of zone routing protocol for reconfigurable wireless network-Sharath Shaji, Velammal Engineering College, Chennai, India
  • Ebooks and the value chain – Christopher Gillies, Capella University, MN, USA
  • Efficient pumped storage power plant run by hybrid solar wind renewable power sources – Rajesh Kanna, Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, India
  • FASTICA based denoising for single sensor Digital Cameras images – Shawetangi Kala
  • Mind controlled robotic hand with action simulator – Krishna Raj Nair M K, College of Engineering Trivandrum, India
  • Third party auditing in cloud computing-Vasantha Sainath, VIT University, Vellore, India
  • Traffic Diversion at Level Crossings Using Remote Indication – Mane Siet, Sri Shakth Institute of Engineering and Technology, India


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