IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)
Technology for the Benefit of Humanity // Santa Clara University, USA / September 8-11, 2022

FAQs for Registration

Credit cards
Wire Transfer
Financial Aid
Travel Visas
Attendee lists

What credit cards are accepted?

Our system accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.


I need to pay by Wire Transfer – how do I do that?

The process for Registration Payment by Wire Transfer is:

YOU: Register, request the IEEE Account Wire Transfer Information

IEEE: Sends you the IEEE SWIFT Account Wire Transfer Information

[This information will not be posted on the web]

YOU: Request your bank to transmit the Wire Transfer. The sender must pay all appropriate wire transfer charges in addition to the registration fee. These charges include the US$20 service fee for sending wire transfer payments, and any additional bank fees and currency exchange fees. IEEE requires that the full registration fee that we receive be the “net” after all charges have been applied. Failure to take these charges into account may result in an outstanding balance due (which will cause a delay).

YOU: Once the wire transfer transaction has been completed, please email a copy of the wire transfer receipt to the following:

Please include any of the information items noted below in the message if that receipt copy does not include these items required to track the incoming payment:

  • “GHTC2020-Registration”
  • The registration confirmation number
  • The name of the payer on the registration
  • The $$$$.$$ of the payment
  • The date of the payment transmission
  • The name of the payer on the wire transfer (individual, organization, company):
  • The bank name
  • The bank’s address (Street #, Street Name, City, State, Country):

IEEE: When the payment is recognized in the GHTC account, if requested at registration, IEEE will issue a VISA letter to your attention. Payment will not be cleared until it is actually received in IEEE’s Bank Account. This process takes approximately one week to complete once the transfer has been ordered. Please allot enough time for the payment to be received before the start of the conference or before any important deadlines (i.e. author or early registration deadlines.)


What discounts are available?

IEEE members receive discounted rates. Student and Life members of IEEE receive significantly discounted rates.

Note: authors must pay a full registration.


I am a student but not a member of IEEE, can I get a discount?

No, but a joining IEEE with a student membership is an inexpensive and cost-effective way to receive lower conference rates.


Is there assistance with registration fees or travel expenses for attendees who can demonstrate financial need?

There may be limited funds available to support those with demonstrable need but this is not administered by registration. GHTC is a participant in the IEEE HAC Scholarship program. Look for current instructions on the website.


I need a travel Visa letter to attend GHTC – what do I do?

Visa letters are issued upon receipt of full payment for registration. Indicate when you register that you need a Visa letter.

Note: United States citizens/residents do not need a U.S. visa or passport for travel to California.

Remember that the US Consulate Visa Application Process in your country may take up to 3 months to complete. In many consulates, before you can formally start the Visa Application process, you must be able to show proof that your registration fee has been paid and so acknowledged by the conference.

If you pay for your registration by Wire Transfer (see note above), recognize there will be a delay between registering, arranging for the Wire Transfer, communicating your Wire Transfer (EFT) information to IEEE, and IEEE’s recognition of your payment in our account and IEEE’s message back to you acknowledging receipt of your payment and your Visa letter.

For fastest response we recommend you pay for your registration by Credit Card.

Visa Letter process for Registration and Payment by Credit Card:

  • Register for GHTC, indicate you need a Visa letter, pay by credit card
  • When the payment is received, IEEE will issue a travel Visa Letter to your attention.

Please check with your local authorities as needed. GHTC is not responsible for issuing or processing visas.

General information and instructions on travel Visas, including wait times, and a contact form if you have a special case is found here.


My travel visa was denied and I already paid to attend, can I get a refund?

Please see our cancellation policy for deadlines.

We may also be able to arrange for you to present your paper remotely.

Contact Scott Tamashiro, Registration Chair


Is an attendee list for the conference available?

For the privacy of our attendees, we do not generally release an attendee list. (Event sponsors may receive a list with limited information.)