Interactive sand-pit workshop: Modern Energy Cooking Services

Interactive sand-pit workshop: Modern Energy Cooking Services (1/2 day)

Anh L.H. Tran (Coventry University, United Kingdom (Great Britain))

Date: Thursday, October 17
Time: 1-5 pm

Transitions to clean modern cooking using gas or electricity beyond solid biomass (e.g. firewood and charcoal) is still lagging behind despite the 1.8 billion people having access to electricity. Barriers such as load shedding, weak grids, affordability of electricity, accessibility of liquid petroleum gas (LPG), tradition, perceptions, and a lack of suitable cooking appliances hold back scale up of modern clean energy cooking.

This workshop invites all energy access and/or clean cooking stakeholders from the humanitarian, development, academic and energy organizations to join an interactive sand-pit workshop presented by Modern Energy Cooking Services project team supported by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), UK Aid, funded £39.8 million programme

Sandpits involve a highly multidisciplinary mix of participants, from researchers, practitioners to potential users of research outcomes, to drive lateral thinking and innovative approaches to address research challenges beyond “business-as-usual”. Small breakout groups will involve intensive discussion where free thinking is encouraged to tackle problems of modern energy cooking to uncover radical solutions. These group will have the opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas, network and develop project proposals for open funding calls coordinated by the MECS programme.


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