IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)
Technology for the Benefit of Humanity | Virtual – October 19-23, 2021

Preliminary Paper Sessions

GHTC 2021 Preliminary Paper Sessions

63 papers in 17 90-minute sessions

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Paper Title
Off-Grid Electrification
1570732224 SESDC Pre-Feasibility Toolkit Economic Validation For Microgrids In Developing Countries
1570731223 A Rural Microgrid Field Pilot in India Ensuring Reliable Electricity Supply and Social Upliftment
1570732410 An Approach Towards a Sustainable Urban City – Utilization of Existing Rooftop Solar Energy Panels by Making Use of DC Appliances
1570740382 Energy-Efficient Programming Languages for Mobile Applications
Sustainable Grid Technologies
1570732716 DeLorean Energy: The potential of Asynchronous V2G Fleets as Peak Shaving Units
1570740358 A New Approach to Developing Community Solar Projects for LMI Communities in ERCOT’s Competitive Electricity Markets
1570732697 Investigation of the Electric Power System for San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos Archipelago
1570733317 Condition Monitoring of Electric Vehicle Drives deployed in Rural Electric Transportation
Energy Conversion and Storage for Humanitarian Applications
1570742331 Fuzzy Logic Based MPT Algorithm for Reconfigurable Photovoltaics
1570727312 A Prototype Small Utility-Scale Joint Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and Solar Energy System (VAWT/SES) to Provide Water Pumping in Remote Areas of Uganda
1570740373 Design and ideation workshop for ejector-based refrigeration system with disaster relief applications
Human-Centered Design of Energy Applications
1570732369 Kashmiri Hamam: An Exploration of Technical Design Within Traditional Architecture and Culture
1570740011 A theory of change for cleaner cooking: building a health belief model for service design starting with the slums of Kathmandu
1570733077 Analysis of Agricultural Waste Briquettes as a Sustainable Charcoal Substitute in Kenyan Markets
1570732643 Micro-controllers, Sunlight, and Educators from Two Continents: The Genesis of Mutually Beneficial Techno-cultural Relations
Online Service Learning
1570732901 Global STEM Education through e-Service Learning in the Time of COVID-19: A Case Study
1570740516 Reconceptualizing Online Experiential Learning: Case Study of a Tele-engineering Project
1570740379 Upgrading the Digital Intranet in the Galapagos Islands
1570740324 The Impact of the Deaf Community on Student Learning in a Service-learning Study Abroad Experience
Professional Preparation of Social Entrepreneurs
1570733105 Academic Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Education and its Impact on Students Entering the Workforce
1570740366 Recent Advances in Socially Relevant Computing: Status and Perspectives
1570740368 Humanitarian Technologists as Prototypical V-Shaped Professionals
1570732612 Attributes Based Ranking and Selection of Vending Carts using Fuzzy TOPSIS
Disaster Mitigation
Role of web-based services and social media channels during global pandemic situations 
1570728352 Vehicle detection using YOLO and mobility tracking during COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns
1570732502 Understanding COVID-19 Public Sentiment Towards Public Health Policies Using Social Media Data
1570732290 Evaluation of rule-based, CountVectorizer, and Word2Vec machine learning models for tweet analysis to improve disaster relief
1570728164 Deploying Kalahok 1.0: Profiling Disaster-Stricken Communities Towards Intervention Initiatives
Data transmission and communication during disasters
1570724715 Network Hazard Flow for Multi-Tiered Discriminator Analysis Enhancement with Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis
1570732513 Fixing Mobile Emergency Call Geo-Location Once and For All
1570740079 NetSkylines: Digital Twins for Evaluating Disaster Communication
1570732684 Designing a LoRa-based Smart Helmet to Aid in Emergency Detection by Monitoring Bio-signals
Aerial Monitoring System for disaster response and recovery
1570732445 UAV 3D-Draping System for Sharing Situational Awareness from Aerial Imagery Data
1570740359 Calling Ground Support: Cooperative DTNs for Improved Aerial Monitoring Systems
Technology Adoption in Agriculture 1
1570732460 Ecosystem approach to sustainable aquaculture for smallholder farmers
1570740717 AI-Based Crop Rotation for Sustainable Agriculture Worldwide
1570732622 Optimal Deployment Planning to Maximize Coverage of Agricultural Operations with Effective Resource Utilization
1570732854 Digital Display Recognition towards Connected Sensing Systems for Precision Agriculture
Technology Adoption in Agriculture 2
1570740305 Lessons learnt from deploying an IoT sensing system for e-Agriculture in South Africa
1570740388 Towards Building a Data-Driven Framework for Climate Neutral Smart Dairy Farming Practices
1570733099 Innovating Solar Charging Kiosks for Shambatek’s Agricultural Business in Kenya
1570732849 GrapeSense: Transfer Learning with ResNet-50 Deep Neural Network for Grape Aging Classification of Drone Vineyard Images
Technology Adoption in Agriculture 3
1570732605 Offloading an Energy Efficient IoT Solution to the Edge: A practical Solution for Developing Countries
1570732598 Optimization of Generational Grain Spawn and Mushroom Production In Tropical Environments
1570732451 Data to Donations: Towards In-Kind Food Donation Prediction across Two Coasts
1570732522 Ground Clutter Mitigation and Insect Signature Detection for Polarimetric C-Band Doppler Weather Radar
Communications based Applications and Issues
1570732639 Escaping the Dead Zone: a Bottleneck in Humanitarian Ionospheric Radio Communications
1570740026 coreemu-lab: An Automated Network Emulation and Evaluation Environment
1570731741 Is Social Diversity Related to Misinformation Resistance? An Empirical Study on Social Communities
1570732691 Model for Humanitarian-Centered Technology for Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSME), United Nations SDGs 8 & 10
Water and Sanitation Applications and Issues
1570732592 Guidelines for the design of digital knowledge: Empowering Bangladeshi communities to improve their water safety
1570740126 Mobile Application to Distribute Water Quality and Weather Information in Rural Nicaragua
1570733497 Design and development of Air to Water Generator for the Village in Kerala, India
Healthcare Applications Supporting Visual Impairments
1570732206 Application for Measuring Eyelid Weakness in Individuals with Myasthenia Gravis
1570732353 Inexpensive Voice Assisted Smart Eyewear for Visually Impaired Persons in Context of Bangladesh
1570732668 Wearable Device Using Depth Sensor for the Visually Impaired
1570742209 Effatá: Obstacle Identification System to help the Blind in Urban Displacement
Medical Technology
1570732673 Demonstration of a low-cost EEG system providing on-demand communication for locked-in patients
1570740060 A Low-cost, Automated, Portable Mechanical Ventilator for Developing World*
1570740386 Improving the Use of Surgical Suction Pumps in Sierra Leone
1570732573 Heart Lung Health Monitor: Remote At-Home Patient Surveillance for Pandemic Management
Healthcare – Supporting Stakeholder Engagement
1570735696 Peer and Non-Peer Academic Scientists and Peer Support Specialist Community of Practice: Stakeholder Engagement to Advance the Science of Peer Support
1570738775 Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Partnering to Inform the Software Development Lifecycle of Smartphone Applications for People with Serious Mental Illness
1570732627 Designing an interactive real-time web-mapped dashboard to visualise conflict ceasefires data over COVID-19 infection rates: facilities and the way ahead