IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)
Technology for the Benefit of Humanity | Virtual – October 19-23, 2021

Global Humanitarian Technology – What Is It?


Virtual Lunch Presentation
Date: Friday October 23, 2020; High Noon PT
Live Stream from Seattle Washington

Join us for a presentation on Global Humanitarian Technologies. Find out what global humanitarian technology is and how you can play a vital role in saving and improving thousands of lives, making healthier humans and providing services and help for people that do not have lighting when they go to bed or clean water to drink when they are thirsty.

We will discuss:
1. New and innovative technologies that are present today and being used throughout the globe to help save and improve thousands of lives
2. Clean water, electrification, communications Network, Emergency Response
3. Creation of technologies and deployment of systems to remote areas
4. Who is part of the team? How can you help? Who is being helped?
5. How simple devices can be deployed to improve the lives of many
6. IEEE Smart Cities will present a simple power grid technology & deployment
7. When is the next global humanitarian technology conference? Where is it?


Topic: Global Humanitarian Technology

Speaker: Professor Joe Decuir of University of Washington/IEEE

Global Humanitarian Technology promotes the application of science, engineering, and technology in developing solutions for disadvantaged communities. Global humanitarian technologies are our way to show socially responsible humanitarian work and projects, that impact in positive and meaningful ways the lives of disadvantaged people around the world. Through engineering, computing, and technology innovation around the globe we make a difference. Today Professor Joe Decuir will highlight the major global humanitarian technologies which include affordable clean energy, agriculture food security, clean water sanitation, community engagement, connectivity communication, disaster mitigation, quality education, enhanced healthcare, and poverty alleviation.

Topic: Wind Solar Power

Speaker: Mike Wilson of IEEE Smart Village

Solar Panel Installation – Off the gird solution. Basic construction of a PV (Photo Voltaic) system. What is needed? How does it work? How long will the power last for? What is the load? What is the voltage?



Dr. Joseph Decuir a University of Washington professor at the Bothell Campus will discuss various technologies in use today in remote deprived communities throughout the globe. Joe has been past chair of the Global Humanitarian Technology Conference in 2016. He is a member of EWB Engineers without Borders, ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and IEEE Advancing Technology for Humanity. He led the work to connect Bluetooth devices to the Internet. He helped produce the first Atari game. He has a BS, MS, EECS from University of California Berkley.

Michael Wilson is the Sr. Program Manager Smart Village IEEE. Our session will focus on the various types of technologies used throughout the globe including emergency response, sanitation devices and health care. We will show an example of a simple technology from IEEE Smart Village on the deployment and construction of a photovoltaic system in Darway Coast Nigeria which has provided lighting at night to thousands of residents to this isolated village.


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